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We might be a small pizzeria, but we're looking at the big picture. We believe it's important to support the small farms and purveyors in and around the Richmond area. Not only do they produce a fantastic product, but small businesses are the backbone of our local economy.

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Southpaw Wood Oven Pizza fills a void in Richmond take out with an affordable, chef-driven menu that provides a superior, high-quality product compared to it's competition. Most everything is prepared from-scratch with a focus on utilizing premium ingredients, some of which are sourced from local farms and purveyors.

Chef Tim Bereika has had an accomplished career in Richmond racking up a heap of four star reviews and earning him the title of Richmond Magazine's "Best New Chef" in 2011 and "Chef of the Year" in 2012. His approach to food blends the traditions of regional Italian cuisine with the best of Virginia's bounty. Throughout his career, chef Bereika has worked extensively with local farmers and producers and plans to continue these relationships as owner and executive chef of Southpaw Wood Oven Pizza.

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Nestled in the back of the building, behind the kitchen is a very important space...the dough room. This is where are pizza gets it's start.

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